Browning's Universal Vault Door


 Turn an Entire Room Into a Vault

  • Browning’s Universal Vault Door is designed to fit a variety of wall types and installation requirements
  • The minimum rough door opening for the Vault Door is 83" x 36"
  • External L-frame with 1/2" diameter steel J-bolt anchors (included) can be poured in place in new construction or installed in an existing door frame by using expansion anchors or lag bolts (not included)

Universal Vault Door Features


  • Door frame “L-flange” will fit any wall with a minimum thickness of 5 1/2"
  • 1 5/16" thick Duo-Formed® door
  • 22 1 1/4" chromed locking bolts
  • OmniBarrier® Lock Protection System
  • Uni-Force™ Locking System
  • 1 1/2" of fire resistant insulation in the door face
  • Three-spoke, gold-plated handle
  • External ball-bearing hinges
  • UL® Listed S & G® Type I Electronic Lock
  • Also available with a black primered finish, allowing safe owner to paint to match any decor
  • Internal lock release to open the door from within the vault

NOTE: The vault door is manufactured with an electronic lock which provides an internal lock release. Vault door is not available with mechanical lock. Universal “L" frame design fits all wall thicknesses from 5˝" and larger. Vault door back panel has gray carpet. The Vault Door graphics package is included with gloss finish Vault Doors for 2006.

The gun safe images, photographs, etc. shown do not necessarily represent the product in its entirety. They are shown for examples only.

 Item # Scene/Graphics
 Gun Cap. & Config. Dimensions 
Exterior Finish
Vault Door 1607105062 Scene Change  
84"x36" Sand Metallic
Vault Door 1607115062 Scene Change   84"x36" Hunter Green Metallic
Vault Door 1607125062 Scene Change   84"x36"
Gloss Black
Vault Door 1607145062 Scene Change   84"x36" Black Cherry
Vault Door 1607155020 Scene Change   84"x36" Primer Finish
Vault Door 1607175062 Scene Change   84"x36" Silver Metallic

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