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 W3000 - Insure Your Family's Home Heating Independence

Take control of your family's warmth and have no worries about the air we breathe; heat with Breckwell's modern, efficient, cleanburning wood stoves. Both the freestanding model and the easily installed fireplace insert are attractive to look at, with a panoramic view of dancing flames through a wide, stay-clean glass door. They are easy to operate and heat a large area.

Wall clearances are small and the insert is approved for most zero-clearance fireplaces. Breckwell's advanced design delivers more heat where you need it... at the front of the stove. Radiant heat moves faster through glass than steel, and Breckwell maximizes heat production at the front near the glass. Both models have an optional 160 CFM BLOWER SYSTEM and OUTSIDE AIR KIT (for tightly insulated and mobile home installations). Built of rugged 1/4" steel, Breckwell's W3000 will last a lifetime.

Guarantee your family's heating independence with a Breckwell W3000.

Specifications: Freestanding W3100 FS,  Fireplace Insert W3100 I

Log Length: 18" 18"
Exhaust Diameter: 6" 6"


With flashing: N/A, 26 3/4"
Inside fireplace:
N/A, 20"
With pedestal:
39" Log Pedestal, 33" Standard Pedestal, N/A


Top: 26" 25"
Sides: 25" 22 7/8"
With flashing: N/A 40"

Depth (from face):

Total: 22.5"  21 3/4"
Inside fireplace: N/A 12 3/4"
Shipping Weight: 400 lbs.  400 lbs.

Performance:  W3100 FS,   W3100 I

Combustion System: Non-Catalytic Non-Catalytic
*Heating Capacity: up to 1,800 sq. ft. up to 1,800 sq. ft.
EPA Grams Per Hour: 2.28 2.28
Approximate Burn Times (Cord Wood): 7 - 9 hrs. 7 - 9 hrs.
Heat Output Range (BTUs/hr): 9,500-37,000 9,500-37,000


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